Precision, Accuracy & Reliability

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. . . Measured in Millions of Maintenance Free Cycles

A Fluid Metering pump's accuracy is held from microliters to the full flow range. Output does not change more than ± 1% of set value. An important cost saving factor considering the waste generated by inaccurate pumps.

Check our Pay back Calculator to see how long it will take for an FMI Pump to pay for itself.


Repeatability & degree of variation of a set of values



How close the average value is to the true value


FMI Pumps

Dispense Precision:
0.5 % (CV)

Fluid Metering Pumps Precision Validation Procedure Video

Fluid Metering test validation

"H" Style Metering Pumps Typical Flow Data

FMI "H" Style Pump Typical Flow Data