Featured Metering Pumps Applications

After over 55 years of providing dispensing and metering solutions, Fluid Metering Inc. has archived hundreds of applications in our comprehensive searchable database. We can search by fluid, application specs, industry, etc. and most likely be able to tell you when, how, and what pump was used to do it before.

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Speaker and HeadphonesFerrofluid Dispensing

Ferrofluid Dispensing for Speaker Assembly
Ferrofluid is a conductive lubricant used for over 30 years in the speaker industry in the magnetic gap of the voice coil assembly.

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Diode ManufacturingDiode Manufacturing

FMI Glass Slurry Application Millions of Dispenses - No Downtime
Pump Provides Precise Dispensing for Glass Slurry Automation Process

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Hydrogen Fuel CellHydrogen Fuel Cell

Precision Fluid Control for R&D Test Stands, Prototypes & Production
FLUID METERING, INC.'s valveless piston pump has been chosen to perform a critical fluid control functions of the fuel cell and reformer operation.

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Chemical Mechanical Planarization process Chemical & Slurry Metering

CMP Chemical & Slurry Metering
Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is the process during which precision polishing machines use a fine ceramic slurry to make wafer surfaces as flat ( planar ) as possible, ensuring the best resolution for the micro-lithography steps to follow.

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coal power plantHydrazine Injection for Boiler Water Treatment

Corrosion is a major problem for steam boiler systems in power plants with high consumption of make-up water. Fresh untreated water contains dissolved oxygen, which together with the high temperature, is highly corrosive for the carbon steel piping.

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batteriesDual Channel Dispensing for Battery Manufacturing

Used in the manufacture of AA, AAA, C, D, & Button Cell batteries.  Internal pump components of the PDS-100 are made of chemically inert, sapphire-hard ceramics, making it ideal for dispensing corrosive KOH electrolytes, as well as viscous, abrasive slurries.

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