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Click to play video3D Video Animation Solves 55 Year Valveless Pump Mystery

FMI’s NEW Video unlocks the secret to precision valveless piston pumping through a series of 3D pump animations and HD graphic illustrations.

This high definition streaming video also contains supporting technical descriptions, as well as specific advantages CeramPump® technology offers.

For over 55 years, critical medical, analytical, laboratory, industrial, and OEM instrumentation applications requiring precision metering and dosing have relied on Fluid Metering, Inc.’s (FMI) CeramPump® valveless piston pumping technology.

The CeramPump’s® innovative pumping technology relies on only One Moving Part, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston to accomplish all fluid control functions within the pump, without valves.

Utilizing sapphire-hard ceramic internals and eliminating valves results in a pump that will maintain a precision of 0.5% for millions of cycles without maintenance or recalibration.

The video is accessible streaming on FMI’s home page www.fluidmetering.com, and has gained notable popularity on YouTube and other social media outlets. Visit FMI’s website to Chat Live with an application specialist and see how FMI can solve your metering, dispensing and dosing challenges.

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