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 FMI's miniature STH PumpsMiniature, Valveless, OEM Metering Pumps and Dispensers Easily Handle Air-Sensitive, Crystallizing Fluids

Fluid Metering, Inc. announces their new low volume valveless metering pump for precision dispensing of air sensitive, crystal forming fluids. FMI’s miniature STH Pumps are now available with an isolation gland to provide a fluid barrier between the pumped process fluid and atmosphere. These pumps are ideal for maintenance-free dispensing of saline based reagents & wash fluids, slurries, abrasive fluids, fluids with particulates, anaerobic fluids, and much more.

Isolation gland pumps have a pair of extra ports which provide a barrier gland of liquid or gas to isolate the pumped fluid from the seal area and atmosphere. The isolation gland is easily connected to the “barrier” liquid or gas source via barbed fittings.

FMI’s “H” Series Pump Heads can be configured with all of FMI’s drive options including AC, DC, pneumatic & Stepper, as well as programmable dispensing systems.

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