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QBG Low Current Metering Pump Precision Injection of Rhodamine Dye for Environmental Monitoring of Surface and Groundwater

Fluid Metering’s QBG Low Current Metering Pumps are ideal for precision injection of rhodamine dye for surface, stream, and groundwater flow studies.

Rhodamine is a red dye which measures the TOT (Time of Travel) for surface and ground water. It indicates how water moves, and is useful for tracing pollutants, studying aeration and dispersion, as well as waste buildup and flushing in estuaries and bays and waste water retention and flushing in wetlands.

Though dosing and sampling procedures and data analysis methods vary with application, in general, the standard procedure in dye fluorometry hydrologic studies is to introduce a quantity of dye into a water body, and subsequently collect water samples over some spatial and temporal regime. These samples are then analyzed with a fluorometer for the concentration of the dye that is proportional to its fluorescence.

The three main reasons Fluid Metering’s QBG pumps are ideal for this application are as follows:

  1. Accuracy  - As with any quantitative study, the results are only as accurate as the procedure and apparatus used.  FMI’s valveless design features only one moving part in fluid path, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston. This, as well as elimination of check valves from the pump design result in a metering pump having long term precision of 0.5%.
  2. Inert Internal Components - Using chemically inert ceramics and fluorocarbon wetted parts ensures that the pump will not skew results due to contamination contributed by the pump.
  3. Low Current Operation - The QBG consumes only 60 mA of power at 12VDC. Since , environmental studies are typically in remote locations, devices that run at low current will operate for extended periods of time on battery power.

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