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2D barcode2D Barcodes Provide "Electronic Fingerprint" Traceability

How can Fluid Metering’s 2D barcodes help you?

2D Barcodes Provide “Electronic Fingerprint” Traceability for OEM Pumps in Critical Medical, Diagnostic, Analytical, & Pharmaceutical Applications. OEM Pumps from Fluid Metering, Inc. are now available with 2D Barcoding for instant identification. From incoming inspection, through manufacturing, to future traceability in the field.

Single scan provides efficient, error-free data input and retrieval of critical pump parameters for applications requiring component traceability for regulatory compliance.

2D Barcode labels contain information which uniquely identifies each pump. Typical information which can be embedded includes serial number, part number, manufacturing date, & calibration data, although customer defined parameters may be included or substituted as well.

2D Barcode labels are attached to each individual pump which can be scanned during incoming inspection & equipment manufacturing.  Equally as valuable is the ability to instantly identify pumps and critical related data after the pumps are installed in the field.

Fluid Metering has proven performance with over 50 Years of experience and more than 250,000 OEM pumps in service.

They provide dispensers and pumps for the most critical low flow, high precision applications.

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