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QBG Low Current Metering PumpModel QBG Low Current DC Metering Pumps for Remote Locations

Fluid Metering, Inc. of Syosset, New York introduces the new Model QBG Low Current Metering Pump, for high accuracy fluid metering in remote locations.

The QBG Low Current Metering Pump is designed for extended 12 / 24 VDC operation. The low current motor draws between 60 and 120 mA, depending on load, making the pump ideal for battery operation in field applications. The QBG is perfect for fluorescent dye injection used to monitor flow streams, as well as remote sampling required for waterway pollution, and current studies.

The QBG features FMI’s patented CeramPump® design which utilizes one moving part, a unique ceramic piston for all fluid control functions, eliminating valves, for maintenance-free fluid control. The QBG is available in configurations accommodating typical flows up to 43 mL / min.

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