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  • Sept 30, 2015
    Valveless Chemical Metering Solutions on display at the Chem Show in NYC

    From November 17th to the 19th, New York City’s Javits Center will be host to the 2015 CHEM Show featuring the latest equipment and technology from over 300 exhibitors. ... See more
  • Sept 16, 2015
    Programmable Dispenser for Battery Manufacturing

    Fluid Metering, Inc., Syosset, NY introduces the new PDS100 Programmable Dispenser for battery manufacturing process applications requiring precision, maintenance-free fluid control... See more
  • July 2, 2015
    Precision ULV Fluid Control for Mosquito Spraying

    For many years Fluid Metering’s pumps have been used by federal, state and local agencies for the control of adult mosquitos... See more
  • May 26, 2015
    Miniature OEM Pumps for Medical Diagnostic Instrumentation

    Miniature, stepper driven valveless OEM pumps from Fluid Metering, Inc. are ideal for low and micro-volume fluid control in Medical Diagnostic and Clinical Chemistry Instrumentation... See more
  • April 2, 2015
    Diluting and Proportional Fluid Control with Precision of Better than 0.5% for Medical & Analytical Instrumentation

    The STH and STQ Duplex Metering Pumps from Fluid Metering, Inc. are ideal for precision mixing, diluting, and proportional metering for OEM medical, analytical, and industrial instrumentation... See more
  • Feb. 6, 2015
    3D Video Animation Solves 55 Year Valveless Pump Mystery

    This high definition streaming video also contains supporting technical descriptions, as well as specific advantages CeramPump® technology offers... See more
  • Sept 18, 2014
    Valveless, Ceramic Pumps for Mining Pilot Plant Hydrometallurgy

    The V-300 Variable Speed Metering System from Fluid Metering, Inc. is the solution for drift-free fluid control of lixiviant used in mining pilot plant hydrometallurgy... See more
  • July 11, 2014
    Precision Fluid Control for Food & Beverage Ingredient Addition

    Fluid Metering, Inc.'s Valveless Metering Pumps provide precision dispensing of additives for food processing applications. Addition of vitamins, colors, flavors, fragrances, enzymes and preservatives are typical ingredients, which benefit from FMI's valveless piston technology... See more
  • June 27, 2014
    Methanol Metering Pump for Wastewater Denitrification

    Nitrate is an end-product of the bacterial degradation of ammonia, which is present in high levels in untreated wastewater.  The release of high nitrogen concentrations of wastewater effluent into bays and watersheds is of great environmental concern as it can have a devastating effect on water ecosystems... See more
  • March 31, 2014
    Precision Injection of Rhodamine Dye for Environmental Monitoring of Surface and Groundwater

    Fluid Metering’s QBG Low Current Metering Pumps are ideal for precision injection of rhodamine dye for surface, stream, and groundwater flow studies. Rhodamine is a red dye which measures the TOT (Time of Travel) for surface and ground water... See more
  • January 6, 2014
    Valveless Pilot Plant Pumps for Mining Chem Feed Applications

    Pilot Plants are small scale chemical processing systems, which generate vital information, which will be incorporated into the design of full-scale process and production facilities... See more
  • Sep 24, 2013 Micro
    Volume Fluid Dispensing for Catheter Manufacturing

    Our PDS100 is the solution for high precision, micro-volume production dispensing of fluids used in the manufacture and assembly of medical catheters, stents, & disposable IV tubing sets... See more
  • July 2, 2013
    Miniature, Valveless, OEM Metering Pumps and Dispensers Easily Handle Air-Sensitive, Crystallizing Fluids

    FMI’s Miniature STH Pumps are now available with an isolation gland to provide a fluid barrier between the pumped process fluid and atmosphere... See more
  • May 21, 2013
    Model QBG Low Current DC Metering Pumps for Remote Locations

    The QBG Low Current Metering Pump is designed for extended 12 / 24 VDC operation. The low current motor draws between 60 and 120 mA, depending on load... See more
  • March 25, 2013
    Valveless, Ceramic Pumps Ideal for Critical Industrial Low Pressure Robot Gearbox Lubrication

    The PDS100 Programmable Dispensing System utilizes FMI's unique valveless pumping design to accurately deliver gearbox lubricating grease, independent of viscosity...See more
  • April 15, 2012
    Accurate Delivery of Caustic Soda

    News about FMI's Precision Valveless Dispensers & Metering Pumps...See more
  • March 14, 2012
    Pilot Plant Metering Pumps

    Valveless, Ceramic Pumps from Fluid Metering are the solution for drift-free fluid control for Pilot Plants, Test Stands, and Bench-Scale Process Control...See more
  • July 5, 2011
    2D Barcodes Provide "Electronic Fingerprint" Traceability

    2D Barcodes provide "Electronic Fingerprint" traceability for OEM pumps in critical Medical, Diagnostic, Analytical, & Pharmaceutical Applications...See more
  • March 01, 2011
    Versatile, Ceramic, Metering Pumps for Medical Applications

    Valveless design and sapphire-hard internals provide drift-free accuracy without recalibration for millions of maintenance-free dispenses... See more