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 V-300 Variable Speed Metering SystemValveless Pilot Plant Pumps for Mining Chem
Feed Applications

The V-300 Variable Speed Metering System from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) is the Solution for Drift-Free Chemical Feed for Pilot Plants, Test stands, and Analyzers used in mining applications.

Pilot Plants are small scale chemical processing systems, which generate vital information, which will be, incorporated into the design of full-scale process and production facilities. Chemical feed systems used in mining pilot plants are scaled down as well, and as a result need to accommodate much lower flow rates than their full process counterparts at an increased accuracy. 

The V-300 System combines FMI’s QV Valveless, Variable Speed Pump with the V-300 Control Unit.  In the mining industry, the FMI V-300 System is used extensively to pump acids and solvents used in hydrometallurgy in the process area of leaching, as well as for solvent extraction. In the uranium extraction process, FMI pumps meter Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) lixiviant (liquid medium for selective extraction of metal from ore or mineral).  A wide variety of solvents are also metered using the V-300 System in the extraction process.

The V-300 Control Unit can accommodate manual control, as well as accept a variety of industry standard electronic control signals from process instrumentation.  In addition to electronic speed control, the QV Metering Pump is capable of manual displacement adjustment.  The QV is also available in a duplex design featuring independent pump head adjustment ideal for proportional mixing and diluting.

FMI’s valveless, ceramic metering pumps have proven ideal for mining pilot plant applications primarily due to the pump’s sapphire-hard ceramic internal components, which are chemically inert, wear resistant, and dimensionally stable. eliminating accuracy drift, typical of metering systems that rely on elastomers, (flexible tubing and diaphragms), to move fluid through the pump. FMI pump’s unique valveless rotating and reciprocation piston design also eliminates the need for check valves, which can clog, leak or fail over time. In addition, FMI pumps are viscosity independent, ideal for applications with temperature variations.

For over 55 years Fluid Metering pumps have been used in pilot plant operations, as well as applications which require precision fluid control in medical, analytical, pharmaceutical, water & wastewater treatment, food, semiconductor, alternative energy, environmental monitoring, and much more.

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