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OEM Duplex Ratio:Matic® Pumps

Ideal Pumps for Metering Reagents and Dilution of Buffers in OEM Medical,
Laboratory and Environmental Analyzers

The optional ICST02 Intelligent Stepper Controller provides programmable control for all FMI Stepper Pumps. The drive can be configured at the factory to deliver the most efficient performance necessary to control the pump over a wide speed range.

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ST2RH Low Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex Metering Pump


Low Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex

Dual, variable displacement RH pumps with integral stepper motor

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ST2Q - Dual, variable displacement STQ Metering pumps


Dual STQ high flow fixed displacement pump heads with a single stepper motor

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ST2H Duplex OEM Metering Pump


Duplex OEM

Ideal for analytical and medical diagnostic OEM instrumentation

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ST2QP High Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex Metering Pumps


High Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex

For proportional, and dual channel dispensing & metering

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