In addition to our line of Pumps and Accessories, FMI offers a selection of Options listed below.

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Isolation Gland Pump Head Modules Image"W", "WT" Isolation Gland Pump Head Modules

For saline, slurries, abrasives, particulates, anaerobics, and crystal forming fluids.

Isolation gland option available for Q1, Q2, Q3, CKC, CPC-LF, & CSC Pump Head Modules. In a special modification of certain FMI Pump Head Modules (designated by suffix"W" or "WT"), a pair of extra ports provide a barrier gland of liquid, gas, steam or whatever fluid required to isolate the pumped fluid from the seal area and atmosphere. Slurries, particulates, crystal formers, and anaerobics are easily handled at temperatures and pressures unattainable before.


Q and RH-LF pumps ImagePump Heads "LF"

For low flow (under 50 mL / min), and Zero Dead Volume Applications

  • Direct connection to 1/4-28 low flow fittings
  • RH-LF & Q-LF *pump heads feature integrally molded 1/4-28 female low dead volume ports. This allows for quick connections to 1/16" or 1/8" O.D. micro bore tubing and fittings such asFMI Q661
  • Add suffix"LF"after Pump Head configuration

*Polypropylene case

Hall Effect SensorProximity Type Rotational Sensor

Rational Sensor Table

Hall Effect Sensor

Electrical Specs - Sensors Table

Hall Effect SensorQ647 MOUNTING BASE KIT

Sturdy mounting base accessory for the "Q" Line metering pumps. TheBase Kit Q647allows horizontal or vertical mounting of "Q" line pumps. It replaces the Multi-Position Tilt Stand Q650 that is standard on most models. For more info please refer to the Q647 Mounting Base Kit Instructions Manual.