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Motorless Miniature OEM Pump

For Low Flow - High Precision

1 year warranty Made in USA

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RH Features:

  • Zirconia, ceramic and PVDF standard wetted materials - also available in Tefzel
  • 0 to 100 microliters per stroke
  • Precision stroke to stroke = 0.5% or better
  • Pressures from -10 to 100 psig
  • Needs only 17 inch ounces of torque
  • Requires only 2 1/4" panel space
  • Standard 1/4" O.D. tubing or 1/4-28 female
  • Adjustable while running or at rest
  • 0 to 100% stroke length adjustment for maximum flow rate flexibility
  • Easy grip flow control ring graduated in 450 divisions
  • Linear speed vs. flow rate from 0 to 3600 rpm (360 mL / min)
  • Standard and low flow configurations

Flow / Pressure Specifications:

Max Flow / Pressure Wetted Parts Complete Pump Assembly
mL / min PSIG BAR
0 - 0.025 100 6.90 Zirconia / Tefzel / Ceramic RH00ZTC
0 - 0.05 100 6.90 Ceramic / PVDF RH0CKC
0 - 0.10 100 6.90 Ceramic / PVDF RH1CKC


application-sprayingAdapter RH/Q

Adds Versatility to your RH head by adapting it to any Q pump drive
This is a complete adaptation system that permits use of an RH miniature pump head on any Q drive module. Once the RH pump head is fitted (3 screws) to the kit parts, it can be slipped into place on the drive module in seconds without tools. To remove it, simply loosen the two thumb nuts of the motor base and slip it off.

Kit # RH/Q
Masterflex Adapter

Pump Heads "LF"

Pump Heads LF

  • For low flow (under 50 ml/min), and Zero Dead Volume Applications
  • Direct connection to 1/4-28 low flow fittings
  • RH-LF & Q-LF* pump heads feature integrally molded 1/4-28 female low dead volume ports. This allows for quick connections to 1/16" or 1/8" O.D. micro bore tubing and fittings such as FMI Q661
  • * Add suffix LF after Pump Head configuration

Product Literature:

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