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ST2RH Low Flow Ratio:Matic® Duplex Stepper Pumps

Low Flow Ratio:Matic®
Duplex Stepper Pumps

Ideal for proportional or dual channel dispensing as well as metering applications which require frequent and accurate displacement changes.

1 year warranty  Made in USA

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ST2RH Features:

  • Dual, variable displacement RH pumps with integral stepper motor
  • Each pump head is independently variable using an easy-grip flow ring graduated in 450 divisions
  • Accommodates all RH low flow pump head sizes
  • Can be driven by a variety of commercially available stepper driver boards
  • For dispenses down to 2mL per dispense up to 100 mL / min continuous metering

STRH Dispense Rates:

Max Dispense Rates Complete Pump Assembly Wetted Parts
Microliters / Revolution
0 - 25 μL STRH00ZKCLF Zirconia / PVDF / Ceramic
0 - 50 μL STRH0CKCLF Ceramic / PVDF
0 - 100 μL STRH1CKCLF

Product Literature:

pdeH Pump Instruction Manual

pdeH Pump Typical Flow Data

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