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STQ High Flow Pump

High Flow OEM Miniature Pump

Ideal for Medical, Analytical & OEM Instrumentation Applications

The optional ICST02 Intelligent Stepper Controller provides programmable control for all FMI Stepper Pumps. The drive can be configured at the factory to deliver the most efficient performance necessary to control the pump over a wide speed range.

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1 year warranty  Made in USA

STQ Features:

  • No valves to clog, hang up or service
  • One moving part - Piston
  • Drift-free performance
  • Precision - CV of 0.5% or better
  • Ceramic and fluorocarbon fluid path
  • Displacement of 0 to 1280 microliters (1.28 mL) per revolution
  • 1.8° stepper motors with opto sensors
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Six standard models and custom models
  • Special OEM pricing available upon request
  • Also available in ST2Q Duplex Ratio:Matic® configurations

Flow / Pressure Specifications:

Max Dispense Rates Complete Pump Assembly Wetted Parts
mL / Revolution
0 - .32 mL STQ1CKC Ceramic / PVDF
0 - .72 mL STQ2CKC
0 - 1.28 mL STQ3CKC

Product Literature:

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