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STRH Precision Adjustment Stepper

Precision Adjustable Miniature
OEM Stepper Pump

Ideal for Prototyping and Applications Requiring Frequent, Accurate Changes in Dispense Volume

The optional ICST02 Intelligent Stepper Controller provides programmable control for all FMI Stepper Pumps. The drive can be configured at the factory to deliver the most efficient performance necessary to control the pump over a wide speed range.

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1 year warranty  Made in USA

STRH Features:

  • Precision RH adjustable pump with integral stepper motor & opto sensor
  • Pump head displacement is variable using an easy-grip flow ring
  • Low dead-volume design ensures maximum bubble clearing
  • Sample, Dispense, Aspirate, Flush
  • Special SMTRH Sub-microliter version available
  • Also available in ST2RH Duplex Ratio:Matic® configurations

Dispense Rates:

Max Dispense Rates Complete Pump Assembly Wetted Parts
Microliters / Revolution
0 - 25 μL STRH00ZKCLF Zirconia / PVDF / Ceramic
0 - 50 μL STRH0CKCLF Ceramic / PVDF
0 - 100 μL STRH1CKCLF

Product Literature:

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